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April 15, 2017

What do you think will be accomplished through the Métis-Canada Accord signed earlier this week?

A lot. All parties seem sincere and eager to work with each other on shared priorities. (53.33%)
Nothing. It's just another photo op. (46.67%)


April 03, 2017

Do you have any concerns with the progress so far of the MMIW national inquiry?

Yes, I'm concerned about minimal communication about the status of the inquiry. (60.00%)
No, I'm sure the inquiry staff is busy doing its job. (20.00%)
I am willing to give the inquiry the benefit of the doubt and wait for results. (20.00%)


March 23, 2017

What concerns you the most about the latest Saskatchewan budget?

Hearing aid cuts (19.23%)
Cuts to city grants (3.85%)
PST increase (9.62%)
Cuts to education (36.54%)
Eliminating STC (30.77%)


March 07, 2017

What do you see as the biggest issue facing Indigenous women?

Violence (50.00%)
Economic barriers (7.69%)
Inequality in the workplace (3.85%)
Colonialism (38.46%)


February 20, 2017

Now that an Ontario judge has ruled in favour of 60's Scoop survivors, should Premier Brad Wall issue the apology he promised in June 2015?

Yes (90.74%)
No (9.26%)


February 14, 2017

Do you support the idea of Chief and Council doing drug and alcohol testing?

Yes (84.62%)
No (15.38%)


February 06, 2017

Do you agree with the idea of renaming streets for cultural history reasons?

Yes (61.90%)
No (38.10%)


January 30, 2017

Should Canada take more refugees now that the US has banned refugees from 7 countries?

Yes (76.92%)
No (23.08%)


January 23, 2017

What do you think will be the most talked about story of 2017?

MNS election (20.00%)
summer of Indigenous sports (0.00%)
preliminary findings of MMIW national inquiry (0.00%)
Pending Gerald Stanley trial over Colten Boushie killing (60.00%)
Pipeline protests in BC and Saskatchewan (20.00%)


December 18, 2016

What are you most looking forward to this holiday season?

Visiting with family and friends (27.78%)
Staff party (0.00%)
Staying home with just immediate family (44.44%)
Playing outside (5.56%)
Catching up on your favourite Netflix series (22.22%)


December 01, 2016

Were you surprised Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved the Kinder Morgan pipeline?

Yes (19.05%)
No (80.95%)


November 14, 2016

Who or what was the 2016 Newsmaker of the Year?

School shooting in La Loche (12.50%)
Colten Boushie shooting and racism (26.39%)
Oil spill in North Saskatchewan river (8.33%)
Standing Rock (52.78%)
Other (0.00%)


October 18, 2016

What does reconciliation in health care look like to you?

Acknowledging the current state of Indigenous health is a direct result of policies like residential schools (5.88%)
Addressing jurisdictional issues by practicing Jordan's Principle (0.00%)
Culturally appropriate and culturally safe care (11.76%)
Incorporating traditional healing practices into the Western model (5.88%)
All of the above (76.47%)


August 07, 2016

How optimistic are you that the MMIW national inquiry will provide answers, closure, and healing to families?

Very optimistic. (2.94%)
Somewhat optimistic. (26.47%)
I'm just glad an inquiry was even called. (32.35%)
Not optimistic. (38.24%)


June 29, 2016

Should the Saskatoon Tribal Council hand over its child welfare files to the Province?

Yes (55.56%)
No (44.44%)


June 13, 2016

Have you read the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action?

Yes (83.33%)
No (16.67%)


May 05, 2016

Are you concerned about forest fires in Saskatchewan this summer?

Yes, I am concerned (55.00%)
No, I am not concerned (45.00%)


April 05, 2016

Brad Wall and the SaskParty won the election because...

Wall is a competent leader and earned another term (27.59%)
The NDP didn't offer a good enough alternative (24.14%)
The Liberals and Greens wrecked it for everyone (0.00%)
Colonialism (41.38%)
All of the above (6.90%)


December 13, 2015

What was the biggest surprise of 2015?

That a MMIWG national inquiry was finally called. (19.05%)
RCMP's head chief admitting there is racism in his force. (19.05%)
The NDP's demise during the federal election. (11.90%)
A legally binding climate change agreement. (9.52%)
Trudeau's promise to end the 2% cap on funding to First Nations bands. (40.48%)


November 27, 2015

Who or what was the Newsmaker of 2015?

Chief Tammy Cook Searson's leadership during the northern fires (36.84%)
Indigenous voters heading to the polls en mass during 2015 federal election (47.37%)
TRC release of Calls to Action and final report in December (5.26%)
Liberals swearing in acknowledgement of Indigenous cultures (10.53%)


November 16, 2015

How much racism and idiocy do you see on Facebook lately?

Way too much (76.00%)
I want more hatred (0.00%)
Just the right amount (8.00%)
I just deleted several “friends” (16.00%)


November 05, 2015

What was the best part about Justin Trudeau’s swearing in ceremony and cabinet ministers announcements?

The young cultural entertainers (4.35%)
Two indigenous cabinet members (0.00%)
The gender and cultural equity (8.70%)
All of the above (82.61%)
None of the above (4.35%)


October 28, 2015

Who will become the next Chief of the FSIN?

Helen Ben (26.09%)
Bobby Cameron (73.91%)
Leo Omani (0.00%)


October 13, 2015

Who will form the next government?

The Conservative Party of Canada (19.35%)
The Liberal Party of Canada (19.35%)
The New Democratic Party of Canada (38.71%)
A coalition between the Liberals and NDP (12.90%)
A coalition between the Liberals, NDP, and Green Party (9.68%)


September 10, 2015

Which federal party most closely aligns with Indigenous issues?

Conservative Party (41.18%)
Green Party (8.82%)
Liberal Party (20.59%)
New Democratic Party (27.94%)
None of the above (1.47%)


September 03, 2015

AFN National Chief Perry Bellegarde's decision not to vote in the federal election is...

Confusing (19.15%)
Irresponsible (31.91%)
Hypocritical (40.43%)
Reasonable (8.51%)


August 12, 2015

Will you be voting in the Federal Election?

Absolutely. Indigenous people can have a major influence on the results, and I want to do my part. (81.82%)
Maybe. I need to research the parties and their platforms more first, but I do think it's important. (9.09%)
No. The federal government doesn't represent me or my community. (9.09%)


July 13, 2015

Should the Government of Canada provide funding for the Métis people to hold an MNLA/AGA?

Yes. Too many major issues are being neglected. (5.56%)
No. The Métis Nation needs to sort the impasse out itself. (27.78%)
Yes. But it's unlikely the government will get involved since it stripped funding in the first place. (11.11%)
I don't care. I'm tired of the politics and bickering. (55.56%)


June 25, 2015

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says he will wait to apologize for the 60's Scoop,saying that makes the apology more sincere. What do you think?

He should apologize right now. (5.38%)
Apologize and compensate the victims (8.60%)
He should take time and do it right (62.37%)
So long ago, no apology needed (23.66%)


June 03, 2015

Are you confident the government will implement the TRC recommendations?

Yes (0.00%)
No (25.00%)
Maybe if there is a change in government (75.00%)


May 25, 2015

Do you think the mining industry has a positive impact on our province?

Yes (50.00%)
No (50.00%)


May 06, 2015

Do you think the newly elected NDP government in Alberta will be a positive change for Aboriginal people in that province?

Yes (82.86%)
No (17.14%)


February 25, 2015

Are public institutions such as universities doing enough to Indigenize themselves?

Yes (28.00%)
No (72.00%)


February 09, 2015

Have you ever experienced or witnessed racism in the healthcare system?

Yes (100.00%)
No (0.00%)


January 16, 2015

What will be the big news story of 2015

Federal election (20.00%)
FSIN election (0.00%)
Collapse of MNS (40.00%)
Resurrection of MNS (12.00%)
An inquiry into missing and murdered Aboriginal women finally being called (28.00%)


December 10, 2014

What do you think is the biggest issue facing the new National Chief of the AFN?

Unity. (52.94%)
Resource revenue sharing and development on First Nations lands. (35.29%)
Achieving a public inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women. (11.76%)


December 04, 2014

Who do you think will become the next National Chief of the AFN?

Perry Bellegarde (35.00%)
Leon Jourdain (35.00%)
Ghislain Picard (30.00%)


December 01, 2014

We know winter's coming every year, but it still sucks. How do you deal with the cold?

Cursing Mother Nature. (0.00%)
Snuggling up under a blanket with a good book. (14.29%)
Lots of hot chocolate. (28.57%)
Hibernating til spring. (14.29%)
By getting outside and enjoying some fun winter activities! (42.86%)


November 17, 2014

Who do you think is the Newsmaker of the Year for 2014?

Kendal Netmaker, Neechie Gear CEO who recently won an Indspire award (7.27%)
Marlene Bird, a story of tragedy and perseverance (4.24%)
NAIG in Regina (3.64%)
Missing and Murdered Aboriginal women (13.33%)
Summer Michel, who dominated at NAIG and also won Youth Citizen of the Year (71.52%)


October 29, 2014

The Métis Nation Saskatchewan is up against the wall and likely losing funding next week. What should be done?

Save the MN-S at all costs (11.36%)
Legally force a meeting chaired by a neutral party (4.55%)
Drop the MN-S and fund Locals (68.18%)
Here’s me not caring (15.91%)


September 04, 2014

Hey Parents...what is the best thing about back to school?

Posting their first day of school photo on facebook (11.11%)
Making lunch in the morning (0.00%)
Getting back on schedule (88.89%)


July 30, 2014

Which book from John Lagimodiere's summer reading list are you most likely to pick up?

The Orenda by Joseph Boyden (33.33%)
The Inconvenient Indian: A Curious Account of Native People in North America by Tom King (38.89%)
Dragon Fly Kites by Thomson Highway (5.56%)
Métis Alphabet by Joseph Jean Fauchon and illustrated by Sheldon Mauvieux (11.11%)
Halfbreed by Maria Campbell (11.11%)


July 13, 2014

Which 2014 NAIG event are you most looking forward to?

Athletics (30.00%)
Canoeing (20.00%)
Softball (10.00%)
Soccer (40.00%)
Wrestling (0.00%)


July 02, 2014

How do you cool down in this summer heat?

Jump in the pool! (50.00%)
Drink a nice, cold beverage. (20.00%)
Have a freezie or a popsicle. (0.00%)
Hide out in the shade. (30.00%)


June 16, 2014

What will you be doing to celebrate National Aboriginal Day?

Attending a powwow and other cultural activities. (25.00%)
Gathering with friends and family. (50.00%)
Enjoying a good, traditional meal. (0.00%)
All of the above. (25.00%)


May 17, 2014

Which team will win the Stanley Cup?

Chicago Blackhawks (36.36%)
Los Angeles Kings (36.36%)
Montreal Canadians (24.24%)
New York Rangers (3.03%)


May 02, 2014

Which second-round NHL playoff matchup will be the most exciting?

Minnesota vs Chicago (0.00%)
LA vs Anaheim (9.09%)
Pittsburgh vs New York Rangers (9.09%)
Boston vs Montreal (81.82%)


April 14, 2014

Which NHL first-round playoff matchup will be the most exciting?

Boston vs Detroit (23.08%)
Los Angeles vs San Jose (0.00%)
St. Louis vs Chicago (0.00%)
Tampa Bay vs Montreal (30.77%)
New York Rangers vs Philadelphia (23.08%)
Colorado vs Minnesota (7.69%)
Pittsburgh vs Columbus (15.38%)
Anaheim vs Dallas (0.00%)


March 11, 2014

What's your favourite part about spring?

Melting snow (15.00%)
Feels like T-shirt weather (10.00%)
Rolling down the car windows (40.00%)
Potholes (0.00%)
Summer is that much closer (35.00%)


February 24, 2014

What are you doing to beat the winter blues?

Taking a warm vacation (50.00%)
Exercising (21.43%)
Bundling up with blankets, hot chocolate, and a book (7.14%)
Staying in bed (7.14%)
Other (14.29%)


February 19, 2014

How will the Canadian men's hockey team do in the Olympics?

Gold (100.00%)
Silver (0.00%)
Bronze (0.00%)
They won't medal (0.00%)


February 01, 2014

How many medals do you think Canada will win at the Winter Olympics in Sochi?

1-10 (0.00%)
11-20 (55.56%)
21-30 (22.22%)
30+ (22.22%)


January 20, 2014

Who is the best First Nation or Métis hockey player ever?

Reggie Leach (10.34%)
Theo Fleury (27.59%)
Freddie Sasakamoose (10.34%)
Bryan Trottier (51.72%)
Stan Jonathon (0.00%)


January 10, 2014

The federal government has issued a statement, saying it is making progress on promises made to First Nations people regarding reconciliation. How would you grade their progress?

I think they are making a lot of great progress. (12.50%)
I think they are making a good effort, but there is more to be done. (6.25%)
I don't think they're doing as much as they should. (18.75%)
I don't think they are doing enough or that they even care. (62.50%)


December 30, 2013

What is your 2014 New Year's Resolution?

Swear less (11.11%)
Quit smoking (0.00%)
Eat healthier & exercise more (66.67%)
None of the above (0.00%)
I don't make New Year's resolutions (22.22%)


December 17, 2013 - January 05, 2014

What is the worst Christmas gift you've ever received?

Socks (0.00%)
Underwear (33.33%)
Pyjamas (0.00%)
Vacuum cleaner (33.33%)
Anything from my husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend (33.33%)


December 02, 2013

Who or what is the 2013 Newsmaker of the Year?

MNS in-fighting (14.04%)
Roughriders Winning Grey Cup at home (26.32%)
Nelson Mandela's passing & legacy (28.07%)
Walking With Our Sisters display (8.77%)
Senate scandal (12.28%)
Bell of Batoche Returns Home (10.53%)


November 14, 2013 - December 02, 2013

A year after the Idle No More movement began, do you think it's still relevant?

Yes (51.43%)
No (28.57%)
I don't know (8.57%)
I don't care (11.43%)