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John Lagimodiere is the President of ACS Aboriginal Consulting Services and the Editor/Publisher of Eagle Feather News.  He has also hosted the award-winning national radio show, As If, on CBC Radio. John has delivered Aboriginal awareness training to clients ranging from the Saskatoon Police Service, Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, Provincial Court Judges, Cameco Corporation and the University of Saskatchewan. John is a recipient of the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal and was honoured with a Living in Harmony Award from the City of Saskatoon in 2006. ACS received the ABEX for Aboriginal Business in 2009.

Jeanelle Mandes, from Beardy’s and Okemasis First Nation, is the News Editor of Eagle Feather News (EFN). She interned for EFN two summers ago focusing on the North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) 2014, and since, has freelanced for EFN. She holds two Certificates in Intercultural Leadership, Indian Communication Arts, two degrees in Indigenous Studies and Journalism—Jeanelle is currently studying for a Journalism Master’s Degree at the University of Regina. For nine years, she had worked in various mediums including; radio broadcast, print newspaper, magazine, communications and publishing. Aside from work and school, Jeanelle is a mother to a little girl, who at the age of three, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). For four years, she organized Regina’s first, Light It Up Blue— an annual worldwide autism event, that brings together diverse autism families, government officials, Indigenous leadership, and educators to celebrate this day. Jeanelle is currently conducting research on autism in Saskatchewan’s First Nation communities as part of her Master’s project. 


My name is Errol Sutherland, I grew up in Beardy's & Okemasis First Nation. I currently live in Saskatoon with my common-law partner Marci and my 6 year old son Caleb.

For the early part of my career I worked as a marketer promoting post-secondary education for the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) in Saskatoon. My role was to develop year-round social and digital marketing strategies, handle website administration, graphic design, photography, and help promote SIIT and its programming to First Nations communities in Saskatchewan.

After 10 years with SIIT, I began working with local advertising agency where my main duties included collaborating on marketing campaigns for national organizations, developing social media strategies for provincial crown corporations, website design and maintenance for post-secondary education centres, and branding local businesses online. I later then, started my own digital marketing side business called Toxic Cree, a local start-up company that focuses on the advertising needs of First Nation entrepreneurs.

At this time, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am very excited about this new step with Eagle Feather News and hope I bring the right amount experience to this great organization.

So, in conclusion, I would want to end my rant with a favourite quote, which I got (or stole?) from an old graduation I attended back while I was in elementary school...

"As one road ends, another begins"

Thank-you, and good luck to everyone on all you endeavours. Go RANGERS!!

Warren Goulding is the Associate Editor of Eagle Feather News. He wrote Just Another Indian, A Serial Killer and Canada's Indifference, which is about the less-than-notorious serial killer John Martin Crawford. The book was given the award for "best non-fiction book of the year" at the Saskatchewan Book Awards. Warren has been a journalist since he was in high school and has been the publisher and editor of several different publications. He has been with Eagle Feather News for more than a decade.